Monday, 4 April 2011

Back Home at last!

Horray at last back at home for four weeks!  Though still to fully complete my dissertation.  Church was amazing yesterday to see so many people at the service.  Plus for the first time ever to see a new comptempory music by Chris Tomlin.  This is a first ever for my village church, I heard that they want to have a good band so that this sort of music will be more frequently played and sung during each service.

Awesome to continue with thinking over the fruits of the spirit, the main reading was from 1 Corinthians 13.  Love is an amazing and very powerful thing, its capability doesn't have a limit; especially Gods love for us and the love and compassion that his Holy Spirit can give us by working through us.  Thank you God so much for your love and that we can have a personal relationship with you,; thank you Jesus for changing me and showing me your love everyday of my life.  Thank you for the holy scriptures of the Bible, which you spoke into.  These words are very powerful and can infiltrate our lives, if we open our hearts and listen to your Holy and Divine Spirit.  Thank you for the power of speaking tongues, that we may tell wonders to heaven and speak the language of heaven; a united language as the original covenant in the Old Testament was.  I pray that as a part of the body of Christ, that we may all speak to each other, share things with each other, pray for each other and most importantly love each other, with the power of the love which you have shown us, before we were even brought into this world, by our parents. Amen.

This is something I feel we should all be thankful for, when we think of our parents and all that they do for us.  Though this may not be the case for everyone.  I pray that children and teenagers, who have problems in their family can be comforted by your love and kindness Father, that they may have their hearts touched by your love and have the water of the Spirit come pouring down upon them; that they know you and that you will always love them no matter who they are. Amen.

I have been thinking of three great great friends of mine, Paul, Bryony and David.  They are currently in Iona; an island of the coast of Scotland.  I thinking of the great time they must be having, learning about God's word and knowing the true feeling of community.  I pray Father that they will continue to have a great time, even though tiring.  That they continue to grow in your love and just enjoy the feeling of true community with people.  That they may also have a safe journey back. Amen.