Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A new light and a new hope

As of recent events in my life, I have come to see that God really does want me to come to him a lot more in his word, a lot, lot more.  I have come to see that the pray I was praying wasnt necessarily correct and dangerous.  Since I had never been taught how to pray correctly and how to properly listen to God when he does speak to us, I have had to find out the hard way.  I usually do find things out the hard way anyway, its me in a nutshell.  But this has made me really strive to get stuck into God's word(the Bible) a lot more and to go to it for answers in life.  Prayer on the other matter, is something I am still a little baffled about.  How do we really know when God is speaking to us in our hearts?  How can we see his answers confine in the scriptures, if we dont know what we are looking for in there to find the answers?

I have come to really see that God does speak through others for one, yes thats a big one to spot and its not always that obvious at first.  He will speak through his word yes and rightly so, his word is alive and will speak to our hearts if we allow him to do so.  This all comes in deep humility to him.  Stop thinking what can I do and how will I overcome things etc, its more to how God do you want me to live?  Show me the way, show me the truth, show the joy that lives in you, mold my heart to glorify your name.  Scripture is the key, and I've really come to see that, more than ever recently.  Whenever I have gone to scripture and really have confided in it, I have become so overwhelmed at times in the presence of God, I have had that deep delight in him and filled with joy.  I'm also coming to see for that God does speak in our hearts but it is only when it aligns in with his word, that it is him and its the way that we pray that makes such a difference according to what we should be listening to.

I'm currently going through a stage in my life, for where I am questionning what does God want from my life?  What job does he want me to have?  How does God want me to know?  Where to live?  What church to attend to?
Also really seeking to become the Biblical man God wants me to become.  I desire that incredibly and am eager to see the outcome of my life.  This I hope is the turnaround point in my life, for where things are going to get better.  Meeting new people who will become friends with, becoming wiser and wiser in God and his word.  Growing into his love more and more.  Becoming strong in him and becoming way happier and confident than I am now.  I had my confidence really pushed back big time from something that happened to me when I was on holiday at a Christian camp, which also caused me to go through an enormous amount of emotional stress.  I really hope it doesnt happen again to me.  I have come to see through that, that I really do need to get out more and start meeting people face to face a lot more, and building friendships and that, that way.  So overall, this I see as a new starting point in my life and my life is coming to get better, from the responses and support I have had from some great people I know on this group I am on called UK Disciples :)