Sunday, 20 March 2011

20th March - extremely tired today

Yep as you guessed I am extremely tired today.  Last night I settled down relatively early, about 10:30pm and went into this weird trance for about 4 hours, as soon as I realised this it was 1:48am! So thus, I am very tired after getting up at 9am for Church today. However, today has been very peaceful. 

When I went to sit down on a pew, it wasnt long before I was asked as to whether I would like to read out the intercession, which scared me, as it was a bit sudden.  Though apart from that, I was amazed today I was the only one in Church with a Bible at their side!  However listening to the message in John 3 v1-17, was a beautfiul reminder of how amazing his Holy Spirit is.  In fact we can be born again, in the spiritual sense and come to know Christ and thus know the Fathers doing and what we wants from us in this life. 

Ever since last Sunday when I went to a amazing worship service in Market Drayton, things have been changing inside of me, I am becoming more bearing of the fruits of the Spirit.  Seeing a couple of videos on youtube about the sheer power of the Holy Spirit, blew me away also; this was on the channel. 

I have been thinking lately, as to whom I am going to marry in the future, that is if I get married.  I have this desire inside of me, to be married and love my wife with great kindess, generosity, honesty, deep trust and sheerest compasssion.  I know that God is everything and completes us, but I feel there is also a human love which all of us seek to require.  This to me would seem to be right if by the unity of holy matrimony, that it would bring us both closer to Christ.  Marriage was and is God's idea.  

Are we destined to be with one person, or is it entirely our choice and thus there being more than one person out there suitable for marriage?

I will be looking into this according to the scriptures of the Bible in the next week or so.

Signing out my friends



Saturday, 5 March 2011

5th March 2011 - a new beginning

After being alive for twenty two years, and having used the internet for a good ten years, I have now decided to try and complete weekly blogs of my life.

To first get things into perspective I would like to tell you a few things about myself.  I am Christian, and came to Christ three years ago.  I have been interested in God, ever since I was about ten years old, when I used to be in a choir at St Marys in Aylesbury; a town near to where I live. I had been to a few youth groups at home, lead by the local vicar and his wife Eric and Chris Chamberlain.  I had gone to these ever since I was about 11 years old, when I moved to Cuddington back in the year 2000.  It was around that time, that my parents where trying to get me into Waddesdon Church of England School, where if you were not within the catchment area, you had of have gone to Church for a set period of time, and thus I was led into going to the choir.  I can't actually remember as to how this fully came into perspective, but I went to choir practice every Friday evening and to the service to sing on every Sunday.  I left the choir once I started attending Waddesdon school.

 However I was still blind, for many years of God's presence and his spirit working within me to lead me to him and for myself to open up my heart to let his spirit work within me.  I carried on living a fairly atheist life, despite going to many of the youth group evenings.  I found it very difficult at that time, to actually grasp what God is all about, and it was a lot easier just to forget and thus  I tried to follow the crowd and fit in with all of the popular people at school. Things didn't actually fall into place until I was nineteen, within the first time of University. The first few weeks away from home, were a living hell for me, I couldn't stand living with my flat mates, as they all seem to wanted to pick on me and make very nasty comments about me, which I never really fully understood as to why, they did so.  Therefore, to make myself feel better, I came along to CU with the original intentions of feeling comforted, by some sense of familiarity.  On the first time that I went to the CU, I met Kyle and Alice, whom where the main leaders.  One night, we had a healing night, where people were encouraged to come along in order to be healed.  It was on that night, that I discovered that the spirit had entered my heart and completely changed the way I viewed the world.  I started to feel other peoples pain whilst praying for them.  I had been so self-less in praying for others health and thus felt a true sense of compassion and humbleness.  I have now been attending the CU over the course of my second year and third year.  Now in my fourth and final year at Uni, I was given the responsibility of social secretary.

Today I had a very nice lunch around a truly great and respectful friend of mine, John who helps to run the C..U at my university.  I was also accompanied by a great friend Paul, whom I haven't known for that long, but I am beginning to grow a strong respect and friendship towards.

From this lunch, we had a very nice talk with two people from a Christian camp in Scotland called Camas.  It was very interesting to see as to how they lived.  They grow all of their own food and live very environmentally conscious and live with a strong sense of community and relationship.  It got me thinking, as to how far the world has gone away from God, relying upon material items and this reputation and body image society, of trying to perpetually impress other people, just to be socially accepted.  Why cant we live just to show, who we really are and not live this way?  From this it truly strengthened that God is everything, and can fully complete our lives in every aspect of it.  I felt some sense to humility and compassion that  living for God and truly relying upon God in a strong personal relationship, is such a gift from God, in that we can all have this connection with his son Jesus.