Sunday, 20 March 2011

20th March - extremely tired today

Yep as you guessed I am extremely tired today.  Last night I settled down relatively early, about 10:30pm and went into this weird trance for about 4 hours, as soon as I realised this it was 1:48am! So thus, I am very tired after getting up at 9am for Church today. However, today has been very peaceful. 

When I went to sit down on a pew, it wasnt long before I was asked as to whether I would like to read out the intercession, which scared me, as it was a bit sudden.  Though apart from that, I was amazed today I was the only one in Church with a Bible at their side!  However listening to the message in John 3 v1-17, was a beautfiul reminder of how amazing his Holy Spirit is.  In fact we can be born again, in the spiritual sense and come to know Christ and thus know the Fathers doing and what we wants from us in this life. 

Ever since last Sunday when I went to a amazing worship service in Market Drayton, things have been changing inside of me, I am becoming more bearing of the fruits of the Spirit.  Seeing a couple of videos on youtube about the sheer power of the Holy Spirit, blew me away also; this was on the channel. 

I have been thinking lately, as to whom I am going to marry in the future, that is if I get married.  I have this desire inside of me, to be married and love my wife with great kindess, generosity, honesty, deep trust and sheerest compasssion.  I know that God is everything and completes us, but I feel there is also a human love which all of us seek to require.  This to me would seem to be right if by the unity of holy matrimony, that it would bring us both closer to Christ.  Marriage was and is God's idea.  

Are we destined to be with one person, or is it entirely our choice and thus there being more than one person out there suitable for marriage?

I will be looking into this according to the scriptures of the Bible in the next week or so.

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