Wednesday, 6 July 2011

06 July 2011 - Looking forward to being a Berean again!

Well this has been a long time!

Back at home after a long period of time and now my degree is finally complete! I've been reading my Bible a lot  lately and loving what God has asked me to read; from Esphesians, Romans and Hebrews to now Colossians, Phillipians and Acts.  Still reading Acts as there is so much to take in!

God is changing me even more recently; I am becoming even closer to him in my relationship with him.  I have been talking to God a lot more throughout the day.  He has been telling me many wonderful things of what I am truly inside and to show this side of me, which I am trying so hard to do so now.  From telling me certain people are going to be a huge part in my life and that we will become very close to each other.  I am to be open, encouraging and not afraid to say what is on my heart, which exactly matches to what is in Hebrews! I am respecting these people greatly and am taking a great interest in their lives, which is also said in Hebrews!

I have questions over many things recently and have seen for what God wants me to become from reading these books in the Bible and it has also shown just how much God loves us!  His love is just absolutely amazing; it is so powerful and I seek his face more and more now.  I have such a desire to become even closer to Jesus than I am at the moment in my life.  I want to holding his hand and looking him directly in the face.  I want to speak to him all of the time, even though this is hard as it is natural for us human beings to get caught up in our lives on earth.  Especially as we cant actually physically see God.  But we can see signs, his workings, his word living and breathing now and see our prayers answered, see his wisdom and guidance by the power of his holy and glorious spirit living inside of us.  I now realise I desire for God to completely take control of my life, I want to completely and utterly fully let go and let him guide me in absolutely everything.  By this I will become the person I am supposed to become; what he wants from me and what he wants me to grow into.  I see that in the future I am to become a great father to my to become children, I will be a amazing husband whom respects his wife, looks after her, compassionately loves her and will be there for her always.  We will have a truly strong connection and by the power of the Lords spirit will grow closer to Christ by our marriage.  I am to become a very caring person; to become more and more like Christ.

I know that I have to be patient and events unfold themselves as Jesus has told me to do so, he wants me to talk to him a lot more and to fully trust in his word, even though things in life may make it difficult as of our struggles to see the future events from occurring.  But I know I am to persevere and maintain strong in him; to become more rooted in him and deeply pour my heart out to him; to praise his glorious and holy name upon high and to truly love Jesus with all of my heart, body and soul.  

Jesus my Lord and Saviour, I know you live within me by our spirit, as it was given to those on the day of the Pentecost.  I love you so so much and want you to be a even bigger part of my life.  I desire so much from my very core to seek your face more and to have a even deeper relationship with you; to become what you want from all of us.  I pray that I can become so what you desire and that by reading the scripture and talking to you more that I can go and become what you want me to fully become.  I ask of this in your holy and glorious name, thank-you so much Jesus. Amen

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